Abadan Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Oxide Complex

Silicon Carbide:

Silicon Carbide is manufactured using the Acheson process, consisting of a mixture of quartz sand and Carbon in a high temperature, high pressure environment. SiC is considered by many as the most important Carbide due to its extreme properties and the variety of present and potential commercial applications. In terms of mechanical properties , Silicon Carbide is noted for its extreme hardness, abrasiveness, high elasticity, resistance temperature of above 2000 °C, and high resistance to abrasion. ABASIC manufactures Silicon Carbide in Crude, Macro Grits, Micro Grits, and Powders to suit many industries and applications including Refractories, Ceramics, coated and bonded Abrasives, Cast iron and steel additives, wire sawing for silicon chips and as semiconductor material. At ABASIC we take pride in the quality of our Silicon Carbide Grits and powders. Final prodcuts can be made according to customer preferences in size and chemistry.