Abadan Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Oxide Complex


Our Company:

Abadan Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Oxide Production Complex (ABASIC) is one of the newest SiC manufacturers in the world and the only production complex of it's kind in the Middle East. After many trials and experiments, the plant began operations in 1995 geared for the production of both SiC and Aluminum Oxide. The SiC production was increased in 3 phrases from 1997 through to 2006. Reaching a production limit of approximately 24'000 tons per year in 2012.


The ABASIC plant is located in the southwestern province of Khuzestan out side the island city of Abadan. Encompassing 42'000 square meters, the Abadan complex host a variety building and sectors. These include the furnace units, packaging and crushing units, onsite mechanical supporting units, raw material warehouse, final material warehouse, research and development Building, and Administrative offices.

Why Choose Us



At ABASIC we take pride in the quality of our products. When selecting and procuring these raw materials, we use the most stringent selection processes to guarantee a quality product. Selecting the most suitable raw materials has allowed us to consistently surpass company set goals for quality and customers satisfaction.



Taking account the location of our production facility into the port city of Abadan. ABASIC has the option of shipping via road, rail, and sea. Depending on customer's preferences, materials shipped via truck will usually cut transit times by more than half of the industry standard.
As a major policy within the company, ABASIC holds in its inventories a minimum of 1000 tons ready to be shipped at a moment's notice. This translates into little or no lead-time in expedited shipping and allows customers to take delivery and ownership of the products much faster.



Due to ABASIC's advanced production technologies our materials are produced more efficiently. Equating to a lower production cost than other rival companies. Allowing us to provide more advantageous prices to our customers.